Suggestions for Indian Railways

By Dr Dheeraj Sanghi

Trainenquiry should be more reliable and have more features.

IRCTC reservations should be streamlined and updated.
Convert Upgrade scheme to Auction scheme.

SMS updates about upgrades, schedule changes, confirmation of reservations.

Superfast Trains: An overhaul of the definition.

More value added services for passengers who are willing to pay a nominal fee.

Private partnerships to provide various services.

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Signal Aspects on KR

By Mr S S Kumar of Konkan railway

Amazing presentation of the various aspects on MACL.

Hone, Distant, Outer, etc demystified.

Mr V Anand recalls anecdotes relating to signal misses and accidents relating to it.

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The IRFCA Quiz…. u too can win!

For those of you who are not here at BNC-2009, here’s a chance to win a prize!

Yes, the BNC2009 quiz is happening shortly. Once the prelims are over at the venue, the 20 questions will be posted on the blog here.

Please send your answers – answers only please to – the deadline is 1500 IST. The person who gets most answers right will be shipped a prize! In case of a tie, the mail received earlier will be declared the winner.

No SMSing, Googling or Wikiing please!

Rules will be available on the blog.

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A different “Loco Database” !!

We are now having informally formal introductions of all the members. Wide applause for all the members!

Members are reciting their names, their home sheds, favorite railfanning spots and favorite trains and locos.

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The Awesome Shindawne

Comparison of MG and BG alignments.
By Ashish Kuvelkar and Apurva Bahadur.

Pune-Miraj line, just 33kms away from PUNE.
It was MG till 1970.
BG and MG split at a particluar point.

Southern Maratha Railway laid MG line.
1886 Poone to Nira
SMR and SIR were merged in 1907.

Transferred to UBL division of SCR in 1966 when SCR was formed.
In 1996, when UBL was transferred to SWR, this line was transferred to CR.

While crossing Nira River, line moves to Satara Dist from Pune Dist.
MG distance from Pune to Nira was 70+kms, while BG distance is 84kms.

Ghats in MG starts after Phursungi.
Alandi was mid-ghat, 7kms away.
Almost completes ascends till Gurohli.
4 tunnels, 1 major bridge.

BG line gains 70m till Shindawne, 15kms from Phursungi.
Tracking the line using Google Earth imagery.

Some amazing snaps from trips to the line, including that of some unique viaducts and tunnels.

Amazing description of snaps and the stories behind the treks taken up by the Pune stalwarts and the many visitors who have been accompanied by them.

Simply awesome presentation by AsHIsh and Apurva. Kudos to both of them. And to John Mani, Bharath Moro and PVS Praveen who have also helped in chronicling the line.

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Day 2 Preview

Good Morning and welcome to Day 2 of BNC 2009.

Day 2 of the IRFCA Convention is more a railfan’s day.

We have more presentations which would be more fun.

And all of you should look forward to the quiz. This year, we have a totally new format and the quiz will be open for all of you too. Keep a tab on the blog for more details soon.

We had a good dinner last night and an even better breakfast this morning.

We start the Day 2 of the blog now.

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Dinner Time

Its time to check out for the day.

Heading to the canteen for dinner and more interesting conversations!

Will catch up back tomorrow morning at 9AM.

Till then, this is Vrij signing out from the First day of BNC-2009. Hope you enjoyed the coverage.

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