IRFCA Conference:

JRC Hall

The United Theological College

63, Millers Road

Benson Town,

Bangalore – 560 046

Accommodation: (for those who had asked for accommodation)

Same address above.  Approach reception situated next to dinning hall.

Important Contact Numbers

S. Srinivas                – 092-431-99000.

Ravi Sundararajan – 092-430-04488 / 94484 55030

Vibin Andrews         – 098-450-01917.

Colin Peter               – 097-390-56055.

Binai    -094490 86517

Manish    -099807 51046

Ramdev Gowda      – 094-487-59039.

The venue for BNC-2009 convention is the United Theological College on Millers Road behind BNC. The campus can be accessed easily from the PF-2 side exit of BNC. We will put up some direction markers just outside the PF-2 exit to show the way from PF-2 exit to the UTC on Millers Road.

The UTC is a lovely wooded campus with lovely buildings. The atmosphere outside the convention hall will resemble that of IIT-K during CNB-2008. The weather is expected to be quite pleasant in January – bright sunshine with max. and minimum temperature of 25 and 15 degrees centigrade.

At present, the stretch of Millers Road where UTC is located is a one way street. The traffic flows from East to West on this stretch of Millers Road.

Some do’s and don’ts in Bangalore and UTC campus :-

SMOKING IS PROHIBITED. Would request that we all adhere to the UTC rules. Consumption of liquor is also not permitted in the campus.

It is recommended that one avoids taking a bath in cold water in Bangalore.

It is also recommended that one uses a woolen pull over before dawn and after dusk. Bangalore weather is notorious for brining down folks from outside with cold and fever – we would like to avoid this situation for all. So, if your arrival is after 7 p.m. or before 6 a.m., please protect yourself.

The rooms in the UTC campus will have to be shared by all the delegates. Since we are running short on beds and we would like to accommodate as many delegates as possible in the UTC campus, we will request you all to please agree to share the rooms with other delegates.

Only coffee and tea will be served just outside the convention hall. All meals will be served in the Dining Hall. This will be a buffet service. We will also have a buffet counter just next to the lawns near the dining hall. The food will be simple / tasty / hygienically prepared. We plan to have mineral water in big size bottles (25 Litres) to be served to all.

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