Reality of maintaining an A Grade Route

January 25, 2009 at 14:54 Leave a comment

By Mr R Krishnamoorthy, Retd SSE, TM, Mughalsarai. (Father of our member Raghavendra Rao)

HWH-DHN-MGS, a Case Study.

Tough working conditions

Dearth of quality time as block due to higher frequency of trains.

Only 4hrs a day out of the requisite 5hrs is available for maintenance and that too in separate spells.

Semi-skilled work force. Requires quality electrical, electronic, hydraulic, mechanical persons but that does not happen.

Away from family/ challenge to keep people motivated. Poor working and running conditions. No life or disability insurance cover.

Conflict of interest with other departments.
Practical paradox: Owner and Maintainer.
Engineering department owns, but Operating dept uses.

Technology Advancement and reskilling.

Importance and Evolution of TMO

Performance Analysis records.
Suggestions for improvements.
Being cost consciousness while being operationally proactive.
Manpower related suggestions. Occupational, health and social hazards should be looked into.

Need of a Principal co-ordinator at Zonal levels to provide an interface between the various departments like Engg/ Signalling/TRD/OHE/TM, etc.

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