Quiz Prelims Questions

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Prelims Questions

1. Name the first station to appear in the station index of Trains At A Glance.

2. Alan A Jackson in his Railway Dictionary defines this word as: “The most fanatical and extreme type of railway enthusiast. Often used in a derogatory sense to denote the notebook-carrying railway voyeur and collector of useless information.” The word is thought to derive from the “sport” of ‘grouse’ shooting, when a successful day out would result in a substantial “bag” of grouses. What is this alternative word for a train spotter?

3.  Designed by Frederick William Stevens, this building was the first functional administrative building in the world to be put on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004. What was its immediate previous name (or previous abbreviated name) ?

4. This self-acting microprocessor-based data communication device was designed and developed by Konkan Railways in 2004 to prevent accidents. Name the device.

5. Where in India is the only Zero Gauge railway currently functioning?

6. More trivia. There are two stations sharing the record of the shortest name in Indian Railways network. One is Ib on the Howrah-Nagpur section, near Jharsuguda. Name the other.

7. Name the last State capital (as of now) to be connected to the Indian Railways network. 

8. This train originates at Sealdah and terminates at two different stations after being bifurcated. These stations, Haldibari and New Alipurduar are each close to a respective river. What is the name of this train consisting of the names of both these rivers?

9.  What was the originating station of the first ever Jan Shatabdi Express?

10. Records again. Which train passes through the most number of states in India?

11. Shakti, Pragati, Shatak, Ganshakti, Uday, Asha, Disha, Jyoti, Yug, Gati, Udit, Chetak, Jagran, Kriti, Kiran, Bharti. What is the common prefix to all of these words?

12.  A sister loco, the Express, was built at the same time as the Fairy Queen in 1855 and withdrawn in 1909 to be preserved at the Gymkhana, Jamalpur Loco Works. If the ‘Fairy Queen’ was EIR 22, what was the road number of ‘Express’?

13.  The history of the current East Coast Railway zone goes back to last decade of the 19th century. Between 1893 to 1897, a line from Vijayawada (junction of Southern Maratha Railway and Nizam’s Guaranteed State Railway) to Cuttack was built along with the branch lines to Puri, Kakinada and Visakhapatnam. The Northern section of this line became a part of the Bengal Nagpur Railway in 1902 and later came under South Eastern Railways. But what was this railway called when it was built?

14. “Dial 139 followed by PNR Number (all India) for the reservation position. Dial 139 followed by train number, date and month of journey, for availability of berth in all classes of the train.” This is Indian Railway’s Integrated Train Enquiry System. How is it better known as?

15 An MGR system consists of wagons that load as well as unload their cargo while moving.  A door-opening mechanism is triggered by lineside devices running on a 24V or 32V DC source. As the wagons (typically BOBRN) in a rake pass by the triggering devices, their doors open and their contents are unloaded into the pits below the tracks thus saving time and resources. IRCON has built MGR systems for all the major power plants of NTPC. What does MGR stand for?  (Wonderful question)

16. Name the southern-most junction of Indian Railways network.

Send answers to reunny@gmail.com before 1530hrs.

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  • 1. Vivek  |  January 25, 2009 at 14:10

    hell… cud answer only a couple of them…

    excellent homework in preparing the Qs

  • 2. Vrij  |  January 25, 2009 at 14:34

    Quiz curtailed to 16 questions due to bandwidth constraints. The remaining 4 were visual clues involving BIG files.

  • 3. Vivek  |  January 25, 2009 at 14:54

    unfair unfair (LOL)

  • 4. Pavan  |  January 25, 2009 at 18:22

    Vrij.. who is the winner of this quiz…

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