Quiz Finals

January 25, 2009 at 15:33 1 comment

The 8 Members who have performed best to reach the Quiz Finals are:

Dr Mulky


S Sivaramakrishnan

SAgar Tipnis

Ravi S



Biswarup Basu

Questions on infinite bounce method. 10 for a correct, straight or not.

1. Name the railway station nearest to the pic:(Shencottah bridge)

2. Which train is 1063/64?

3. What is common to Navapur, Bhawani Mandi, jaraikela, Alyuabari rd?

4. 1 oct 1989 was important date in TMS in India. What system was changed on this day?

5. What are high capa electrically operated lifting jacks? (pic)

6. Name the diesel loco from the clues..
a. Merceded Benz MD 108DZ20 engine
b. Gooty Shed 18515-18522
c. Mainline diesel loco with hydraulic transmission.

7. Delivered in late 50s, these two types of locos ran on 3000V DC in Kolkata area, but were modified to run on 1500V in Mumbai area. What Class?

8. Which stations sole express is a Jan Shatabdi?

9. Raj Kharswan-Dongoposoi section of SER was the first to get what in 1960?

10. This sportsperson was recently promoted to Ast Commercial Manager from Chief Ticket Inspector. Name him.

At the end of R1, Apu and Joydeep are eliminated.

Round 2:

1. Identify the station
a. Erstwhile MG station where you would wake up to MSS’s Suprabhatam on PA?
b. You could favour Degree kaapi here!
c. In MG days, MAS-RMM train reached this at 0530.

2. identify the station closest to loco shed of the loco in pic? (BGKT loco)

3. Nainital, Yelagiri, Amarnath, yercaud, etc have no stations. Whats the connection?

4. 2395 is Ibadat express. What is 2396?

5. Which historiucal railway to which this logo belonged? (Tiger and snake on logo)

6. What is common to stations with respect tothe train in the middle? (Kalka, Amritsar, MAS, BPL)

7. There is always a power outage when an AC EMU passes over neutral and only emergency lights are on. Which train?

8. Started in 1924 and it was 70% then. Now its 15%. Whats it?

9. Bangarpet,___, Oorgamum, Coromandel, BEML Nagar. Fill the gap.

At the end of R2, Nishant Sivaramkrishnan and Ravi get eliminated.

Round 3

1. Find the odd one out? (A list of shatabdis)

2. Which train has 17 commercial stops in first 222kms of its run and none for the next 996kmm of its journey. Which one?

3. What innovation did Franklin Prestage supposedly design this innovation?

4. Identify station from clues
a. Image clue
b. Haldiram’s mithai photo
c. AP

5. Bed rolls are given free on all trains in AC except..

6. What does C stand for in pic?

7. Identify loco class from drawing.

8. Why is man in pic holding green flag in right hand and red in right hand?

9. what is exceptional about Birganj depot operated by CONCOR?

End of R3, Sagar and Biswarup are eliminated leaving Manish(70pts) and Dr Mulky(60) to fight it out for the Grand prize.

Final Round

1. In old numbering what was the number of Patna-Ernakulam exp (6309/6310)?

2. What is connection of AB Walawalkar to IR?

3. What does this track side sign called and signify exactly? (pic)

4. Identify loco from clues…
a. Creep Control allows them to travel at sppeds of 1-7kms
b. 36000+ road number

5. Different types of parcel services. Class R???

6. Identify the organisation advertised in the pic?

7. identify loco in stamps of the 70s and 80s?

8. What is the first train listed in the TAAG?

9. Identify loco from builder plate? (Toshiba, Hitachi, Mitshubishi)

End of Quiz.
Final Scores:
Manish & Dr Mulky are on 90 points each for a tie!!!


a. Boddavara, Shivalingapuram, Tyada, Chimipudi, Borraguhalu, Karaakavasala, ___,Araku . Fill

b. WAG-5 And WAG-5A between 21101 and 21138 are significant. Why?

Dr Mulky wins the Quiz !!! Congrats!

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  • 1. karthikglobalsoul  |  October 27, 2009 at 10:02


    Could u pls share the full prelims and finals?

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